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Scott McLaughlin Limited Edition by 

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Gen 5 HP 3.0 litre supercharger

  • New, patent pending, dual pass, dual core intercooler system for increased cooling capacity

  • New dual core has increased water flow capacity for increased cooling efficiency

  • Increased intercooler size for more volume and increased surface area

  • High flow short length runners for increased torque and air velocity

  • New supercharger lid with increased plenum and shape for lower pressure drop and improved performance

  • Intercooler bypass system for cooling whether low, medium, or high load while operation for increased performance and reliability

  • Oversized heat exchanger to keep intercooler system near ambient conditions

  • New Gen 5 supercharger housing with improved shape for increased performance

  • 55lb/hr Bosch fuel injectors for all the necessary fuel flow required

  • Largest intercooler system on the market, featuring patent pending technology

  • No other upgrades required, just massive power right out of the box, works with stock 80mm throttle

  • Front entry Gen 5 W185ax (3.0 litres/3000cc) Whipple twin‐screw supercharger that significantly outperforms competitions 2.3L and 2.65L roots‐type systems

  • Gen 5 supercharger features new 3x4 rotor combination for increased RPM capacity, large diameter for increased airflow and small leak path, increased helix for optimal sealing

  • 3.0L is 13% larger than 2.65L roots‐type allowing lower power draw and lower discharge temps to flow the same amount of air (more power to the rear wheels)

  • Oversized Crusher™ 150mm inlet for maximum airflow capacity and minimal rotor cavitation

  • Inverted design allows for oversized intercooler core compared to other smaller intercooler cores giving Whipple lower air charge temps which allows more boost and timing to be run on pump 98 octane fuel

  • Massive air‐to‐water aluminium bar‐plate intercoolers (over 55% larger than some competition) offer more cooling than any other positive displacement system available, nothing comes close

  • Massive oversized aluminium intercooler reservoir (over 7.5 litres) holds more than double any competitor’s IC water system allowing longer more consistent power levels vs. competition

  • High flow intercooler pump, nearly double the flow of the standard units’ others use

  • Whipple Superchargers massive oversized intercooled air‐bypass system for industry leading reduction of burst knock and incredible fuel economy

  • Exclusive 3x4 rotor combo for significant increase in airflow under the curve than less efficient 4x4 roots

  • Extra plenum volume below intercooler core for far less pressure drop and better use of the increased surface area of the massive intercooler core

  • More boost at the "hit" than any other twin‐screw

  • Flat torque curve for incredible acceleration

  • Fits under factory hood with no modification

  • No cutting or grinding on the engine block

  • No internal modifications required

  • Plug and play wiring with male and female connections

  • Proven 6‐rib belt system with heavy‐duty spring‐loaded tensioner and adjustable idler system

  • OEM quick connect fittings for easy installation

  • The car comes with a unique Herrod Performance engine oil cooler on both manual and auto variants.

  • Auto has a bespoke Herrod Performance transmission cooler that keeps the transmission cool at peak performance.

  • Transmission has a unique developed calibration for crisp gears changes.

  • Engine is filled with Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 fully synthetic oil.

  • Unique Herrod performance stainless steel cat back exhaust system with unique Black chrome tips keeping the OEM Active‐Exhaust control on the steering wheel.

  • Suspension is a unique lowered Ford Performance Herrod magna ride kit with adjustable sway bars along with calibration change to the control module.

  • Wheels feature a bespoke gloss black SM17 badged wheel wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.

  • Fronts ‐ 20x9.5 with 275/35/20 tyres

  • Rear ‐ 20x11 with 305/30 tyres

  • New Tyre Placard to comply with wheels and tyres.

  • Rear wheel spats for compliance.

  • Race red brake callipers.

  • Features unique SM17 body decals on hood and side of vehicle with Scott’s signature.

  • Unique rear race inspired spoiler.

  • Front bar wind splitters and lower splitter.

  • Gloss black mirror scalps and hood vents.

  • Complete gloss black bespoke lower grille with blacked out pony in upper grille.

  • Unique SM17 front fender badge and rear deck lid with SM17 badging.

  • Complete bespoke Italian leather SM17 heated and cooled front seats with matching rear seating.

  • Unique bespoke Herrod flat bottom steering wheel.


Herrod warrants all modifications to the base vehicle for 3 years/60,000 km. Ford Australia’s 5 year/unlimited kilometre warranty will still be in effect for any component or assembly of the vehicle that has a defect in factory manufacturing or workmanship attributable to Ford Motor Company and that has not been modified by Herrod Performance. Rectification for any concerns of this nature should be directed to your nearest authorized Ford dealership. Where any dispute arises as to the applicability of the Herrod Performance or Ford Australia New Vehicle Warranty, please contact Herrod Performance in the first instance.

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